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Combines the esteemed Translator™, Constructor™, and Instrument Manager™ software products into one bundle, includes an Integrated Interface application to do all three, and additionally adds extra functions into each program to facilitate interoperability.

SamplerTools™ is not simply all three Chicken Systems products in one package. It sports a combined interface where you can work on all three types of operations: Conversion, Building, and Managing. You can also use the full-scale interfaces of each program, which (only with SamplerTools) feature expanded functionality built in that takes greater advantage of the other programs.

For example, in Instrument Manager there is a Bank Builder. In the regular version it can only make Banks out of the same file type. However, in the SamplerTools package the Bank Builder is extended to allow different file types. Since Translator is available, it uses that technology to do conversions when it is building the Bank file.

IMPORTANT! These function extensions and integrated SamplerTools interface are projected to be completed during 2nd quarter 2017. Until then, SamplerTools consists of the special bundle of all three powerful Chicken Systems mainline programs.

If you already own one or more of the products included in Sampler Tools™, or if you own any other Chicken Systems or Rubber Chicken products, there may be special pricing for you. Click here for more details.

Translator has over 12 years of action in public action, converting every type of Instrument and Sample format into any other format, on Macintosh and Windows computers. The Industry Standard. Click here for more info.

Constructor is the first of it's kind in the Mac and Windows world, being able to build and edit every Instrument sampler format known to man! Click here for more info.

Get control of all your Instrument and Sample files with the powerful databasing program. Again, the first of it's kind, Instrument Manager can manage your sampler Instrument from ANY source, be it Akai disk, GigaStudio file, or Kontakt Instrument. Track and find your Instruments using Keywords, Genres, Groups, or Types. As with all Chicken Systems mainline products, it is available on Macintosh and Windows. Click here for more info.

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