Chicken SCSI CD-ROM Drive

Regular price $99.95

We have a limited amount of BRAND NEW SCSI CD-ROM Drives in BRAND NEW external cases.

The drive, a Toshiba XM-401B, is one of the most solid drives made. The tray comes out and includes the motor within the tray itself. This drive is way less likely to fail due to motor problems or other typical optical drive issues. Made of solid steel.

The drives are half-height, but they all come with a specifically-made spacer on top. Even better, these drives are universally compatible -they work with just about every sampler made.

The external cases are also brand new, and contains your choice of MDB-50 or CEN-50 rear SCSI jacks, and also your choice of SCSI cable.

Get your SCSI CD-ROM Drive now, before we run out!