SCSI2SD for Emulator III

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SCSI2SD is the new SCSI-capable solid-state Memory Card solution for your hardware sampler. They communicate via SCSI, but use modern high-speed high-capacity SD cards.

The wonderful aspect of the SCSI2SD Drives is their ability to access four, or even seven, SCSI ID's; so it's many drives in one unit. This enables better use of the SD card - more efficient, faster access.

Comes ready to plug-and play. Included:

  • SCSI2SD board with an external case or internal tray
  • 16GB SD card, setup into 4 or 6 ID's of12GB each, formatted for the EIII with the OS on it.
  • (internal only) Replacement ribbon cable to fit the SCSI2SD board
  • (internal/floppy only) Tray to replace the floppy drive
  • (internal/HDD only) A SD card extender so the SD card is accessible from the outside
  • (external 5.2 and 6.0 only) SCSI Cable, for the DB25-DB25; select 2.5 or 5 ft
  • {external only) USB Android cable and wall charger for external power
  • (external only) 4 rubber feet to optionally put on bottom
  • 1-year limited warranty

Please note there are many different options to SCSI2SD and the Emulator III; you can replace the internal hard drive, or replace the floppy drive, or just connect externally. It is important to understand that the Emulator requires a drive - or at least a terminator - to be connected to the internal SCSI buss in order for the EIII to start up.

The Replace Internal HDD option includes the added equipment:

  • Plate to attach to the Internal HDD bolts
  • SD card extender so you can access the SD card just outside the E3 case
  • Replacement 50pin IDC cable

A SCSI2SD comparison chart is below.

Card Type Max ID's Power Connector Form Factor Other
v5.5 microSD 4 USB cable only
Non-Standard SCSI cable not needed
v5.2 SD 4 Floppy-type Standard
v6.0 SD 6
Floppy-type Standard Can use as USB card reader