SCSI2SD for Emulator III

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Note: The SCSI2SD v6.0 Drive and v5.5 Plug-In Drive are currently out of stock due to chip shortages. We hope more will be in mid/late December.

If you'd like to be put on a waiting list in priority order, please email SamplerZone and request to be put on the list.

Otherwise, we highly recommend going with the v5.2 (same amount of ID's but you can't use it and a card reader for your computer) or RaSCSI.

SCSI2SD is the new SCSI-capable solid-state Memory Card solution for your hardware sampler. They communicate via SCSI, but use modern high-speed high-capacity SD cards.

The wonderful aspect of the SCSI2SD Drives is their ability to access four, or even seven, SCSI ID's; so it's many drives in one unit. This enables better use of the SD card - more efficient, faster access.

Comes ready to plug-and play. Included:

  • SCSI2SD board with an external case or internal tray
  • 16GB SD card, setup into 4 or 6 ID's of12GB each, formatted for the EIII with the OS on it.
  • (internal only) Replacement ribbon cable to fit the SCSI2SD board
  • (internal/floppy only) Tray to replace the floppy drive
  • (internal/HDD only) A SD card extender so the SD card is accessible from the outside
  • (external 5.2 and 6.0 only) SCSI Cable, for the DB25-DB25; select 2.5 or 5 ft
  • {external only) USB Android cable and wall charger for external power
  • (external only) 4 rubber feet to optionally put on bottom
  • 1-year limited warranty

Please note there are many different options to SCSI2SD and the Emulator III; you can replace the internal hard drive, or replace the floppy drive, or just connect externally. It is important to understand that the Emulator requires a drive - or at least a terminator - to be connected to the internal SCSI buss in order for the EIII to start up.

The Replace Internal HDD option includes the added equipment:

  • Plate to attach to the Internal HDD bolts
  • SD card extender so you can access the SD card just outside the E3 case
  • Replacement 50pin IDC cable

A SCSI2SD comparison chart is below.

Card Type Max ID's Power Connector Form Factor Other
v5.5 microSD 4 USB cable only
Non-Standard SCSI cable not needed
v5.2 SD 4 Floppy-type Standard
v6.0 SD 6
Floppy-type Standard Can use as USB card reader