The Demos

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All you would want for large memory Vintage Synths! Moogs, PPG, Rhodes, Chromas, and Polaris, Arps, and more. And not only great sounds, but

Great meat and potato sounds. Many of these sounds offer a live quality never found on any sampler. You can hear the inner mechanics of a Fender Rhodes, on the Brush set you can hear the snare ring when you hit the Toms, when the kick drum is released you can hear the chain from the pedal. Fret noises are among the other goodies applied to these samples.

It all sums up to a great experience - and we have even mentioned the demo sequences yet (you have to hear them to appreciate them).

From VSOP/Pelle Piano (Sweden). Available only in Ensoniq EPS/ASR and ASR-X CD-ROM format.

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Great programming went into these sounds - lush, gorgeous analog textures are all over this CD-ROM! Most sounds are over 2000 blocks; this CD-ROM is best for the ASR, or expanded TS.


Available only on Ensoniq EPS/ASR-10 and ASR-X format.

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For a sound list, please click here.