MV Kit Creator

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  • MV Kit Creator Pro is a Version 2.0, 64-Bit product. If you would like the older 32-bit version of Pro, please select the "Legacy" version in the drop down.
  • MV Kit Creator Pro is iLok protected, either via dongle or online authorization. There is no shipped product on the Version 2.0 edition; the Legacy edition is shipped.
  • After purchase, within 24 hours you will receive a activation code via email, and that will contain all the information you'll need to download and authorize.
  • MV Kit Creator LE is a Version 1.5 32-Bit product, and is shipped (FREE SHIPPING) and is not authorized via iLok.

Chicken Systems MV Kit Creator™ enables you to build custom drum kits and chromatic instruments for use on your Roland MV-Series groove box.

  • Create custom MV-8000/8800 Series Patches (.mv0 files) from WAVE/AIFF samples and samples from other .mv0 files
  • Create new Patches or modify existing ones
  • Easy-to-use drag-drop "Virtual MV" interface allows dropping samples on pads, from the desktop/hard drive or included Sound Database
  • Can operate independently of the actual MV-8000/8800
  • Real-time auditioning with included audio streaming playback engine
  • Patch/Partial Editor
  • Waveform display
  • Integrated Sound Database with user-defined categories, keywords, and infinite grouping
  • Full control of naming objects (samples, partials)
  • Powerful Functions and Macros allow mapping samples with grace and ease
  • Playable via onscreen Pads or via MIDI
  • Macintosh and Windows compatible

MV Kit Creator LE is a limited low-cost version of MV Kit Creator Pro. It allows within a single session of creating a Kit from WAVE and AIFF files and saving it as a .MV0 for use on your MV-8000/8800. It does not read existing MV0 files. Other than that, it's functionality is identical to Pro.

Version 2.0 edition

  • Maximum OS: OSX 10.15, Win 10
  • Minimum OS: OSX 10.11, Win 7

Legacy edition, LE Edition

  • Maximum OS: OSX 10.14, Win10
  • Minimum OS: OSX 10.4, WinXP SP3