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  • This product is a Version 2.0, 64-Bit product. If you would like the older 32-bit version, please select the "Legacy" version in the drop down.
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Constructor™ is a multi-format, cross-platform (Mac and Windows) Sampler Instrument Builder, allowing you to create an multisampled Instrument from scratch - using not only WAVE/AIFF sources, but also from any pre-existing instrument OF ANY FORMAT. You can save your Instruments directly into any format too - software AND hardware! So no matter what sampler(s) you use, Constructor™ will directly support it.

Constructor™ is incredibly easy to use. A Document represents an Instrument. You can start off with a new "blank slate" or open an existing Instrument - for example, a Kontakt .nki, a Structure patch, a GigaStudio instrument, a Roland Patch/Emu Bank/Ensoniq Instrument, or anything else - and improve on that.

You can add or delete samples using the graphical KeyMap View, or edit the real-time parameters using the Parameter Editor. Constructor™ also introduces the concept of View Groups. They allow you to see a section of your Instrument based on your criteria, and hides the rest. This is invaluable for allowing you to work on a portion of your Instrument without being concerned about the rest. View Groups also offer a means to organize your Instrument for your destination formats needs. You can make as many View Groups as you would like; they are saved in a Project File for that Instrument, so you can pick up where you left off, even after you have saved the file in a destination format.

Constructor™ introduces the concept of Banks, where you can take as many Instruments as you like and arrange them in an infinite amount of possibilities. You can make a collection of Instruments and save them as one SoundFont or GigaStudio file or Motif All Voice, for instance, but that is not all. You can merge several Instruments into one Instrument, using your own Rule criteria, allowing custom split/layer programs without sacrificing the original Instrument. Even better, this process is so easy it can take as little as 10-20 seconds!

One of Constructor™ design goals was logical workflow and ease of use. Despite the power, theres no detail clutter or top-level technologies you will rarely use. The Instrument Document is user-designable - save your favorite Document designs, not forcing factory-designed editing areas like most editing environments.

Practically every sampler destination format known to man is supported - from Kontakt, to EXS24, to Emulator E4, to Ensoniq ASR-10, to Akai S-3000, and more. It is truly UNIVERSAL and not encumbered by a single base format. Nor do you only have to have a Mac to have a powerful instrument editor.

But despite the multiplicity of supported formats, Constructor™ does not impose this complexity on the user, hiding most of it. Constructor™ approaches "Instruments" as a generic structure, similar to what graphic editors do - once you open a Picture (no matter if it is a JPEG or PNG), once you are editing it, its just a Picture.

Constructor™ is the most versatile and powerful Instrument Builder available today - usable for all formats, all platforms, for everyone.

Version 2.1 edition

  • Maximum OS: MacOS 14 (Sonoma), Win 11
  • Minimum OS: OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), Win 7

Legacy Edition

  • Maximum OS: OSX 10.14, Win10
  • Minimum OS: OSX 10.4, WinXP SP3