Chicken CD-ROM II

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This CD-ROM is a little more eclectic with contributions by top sound developers from all over the world have made this a special purchase that will enhance your library beautifully!


  • Microwave Chicken II
  • The French Collection
  • 8meg Schumann PIANO! (plus more pianos)
  • The Guitar Pak(including 6-8meg versions)
  • "XP meets ASR"
  • "SD meets ASR" II
  • The Electric Bass Pak
  • much more Original Chicken
  • Resonance Madness from NewMan Studios

Contributions from - Livewire Audio, Quantum Acoustical Research and Design, Rhythm Factory, The Bros. Ryan, First Generation, T.O.G., CyberSounds, Jack Tolin, Charlie Foege, Decor Sonore, Bill Sethares, Barry Carson, and Rubber Chicken themselves!

Available on Ensoniq EPS/ASR and ASR-X format. Please specify your preference in the Comments section upon checking out.

Note on Original EPS compatibility: although the Original EPS will load any sound (within memory constraints) authored on the 16-PLUS or ASR, results may vary depending on reliance on effects, use the the BOOST parameter, and LAYER monophonic settings if used. Regarding this particular CD, the Chicken sounds have more effects reliance but not a lot, and may use BOOST. The 3rd party sounds usually do not. Regardless, we recommend the CD for use on the Original EPS - you just might have to do some tweaking, and about 2% of the sounds are too large to possibly load into the 2mb or memory.

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