Soniq Demolition Disk

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For Ensoniq EPS 16-Plus and ASR-10/88

Destroy audio. On purpose. Most effects try to make things sound a little better. WAVeBOY\'s newest effects will impose serious damage. Sound comes out twisted, mangled, or completely demolished. But in a good way.

The SONIQ DEMOLITION DISK offers three drastically new effect algorithms and works exclusively on the Ensoniq ASR-10 and EPS-16 PLUS.

They can be used on sounds, on sequences, on audio-in (even on the 16 PLUS) and for re-sampling. The unique and powerful transformations of granular synthesis alone make this disk a must-have for any composer of sonic landscape.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a bug in early 16-PLUS chipsets that cause the main GRAINSTORM effect to sound improperly. There is no way to determine which chipsets or serial numbers are affected, so please contact us if you receive this product and the GRAINSTORM effect exhibits this problem.