Internal ZuluSCSI SCSI SD Drive

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This is the new era of SCSI-capable solid-state Memory Card solutions for your hardware sampler. This is the RP2040-based ZuluSCSI board, packaged for internal installation purposes, with a handy standard 3.5 tray, an 18" 50-pin ribbon cable, a regular-sized SD card, and completely set up for your sampler/host to your specifications from the factory.

What makes ZuluSCSI special is that it uses large Image Files on a standard store-formatted SD card for the drives it accesses. This is a significant improvement for proprietary disk formats (Akai, Roland, Ensoniq, Emu, MPC, etc.) and solves the inconvenient issues with SCSI2SD proprietary SD cards. It is far easier and faster to use with a computer.

We still recommend SCSI2SD v6.0 - if you can obtain one - as the best choice for computer-compliant samplers such as the Akai S5000 and the Emu Emulator 4. However, ZuluSCSI works very well in this regard too. and is immediately available.

Incredibly, ZuluSCSI Drives have the ability to access up to seven SCSI ID's; so it's really (7) drives in ONE UNIT! This enables better use of the images on the SD card - more efficient, faster access.

Our quality ZuluSCSI Internal Drive works with EVERY SINGLE SAMPLER we know of (which is all of them). All Akai, Akai MPC, Roland, Emu, Kurzweil, Korg, Peavey, Synclavier, Fairlight, Waveframe samplers. We don't provide a list because we haven't found a sampler it DOESN'T work on.

It also works on many/all non-sampler SCSI units, such as the Akai DPS16 and other SCSI-based hardware DAW's. Or even a vintage Apple Macintosh, Commodore Amiga, Silicon Graphics, or Texas Instruments TI-99's.

Comes ready to plug-and play! Included:

  • ZuluSCSI RP2040-powered board mounted on a 3.5 tray
  • Your choice of black, galaxy black (with specks), or white tray
  • Tray is specially made for your sampler; no gaps in bezel
  • Regular 18" 50-pin ribbon, or external cable for your selected sampler if needed
  • 64GB SD card with formatted images of the sampler of your choice
  • Complete instructions and tips
  • 1-year limited warranty