Black Friday 2021 Information

Thank you for your interest in our Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sales Event!

Here is a brief synopsis on what is on sale, what isn't, and why. And when.

The Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sales Event starts at the start of the day November 26th to the end of the day November 29th.

Most software is 50% off. Translator 7 Special Editions and Ensoniq Disk Tools are 40% off.

What software is NOT on sale

  • Version 7 and Version 2 Upgrades
  • All Legacy products
  • Translator Hi-Tech Edition
  • Millennium
  • Waveboy Effects

Most hardware products are not on sale; however, SCSI2SD v5.2 has been on sale ($15-$20 off) all of November and will continue until the end of the Black Friday - Cyber-Monday Sales Event. But! Any purchaser of a Chicken Systems software product will get a coupon worth AN ADDITIONAL $10 off of a SCSI2SD product. You will get that coupon in your email post-purchase, and it expires the end of the day December 3rd.

Soundware is generally discounted at a 25% off rate. This includes Ensoniq CD-ROM's and individual floppy paks. The Covert Video series is not on sale.