Pre-Ordering Information

Most of the software products we sell are download-only and licensed via iLok, either by physical dongle (if you don't already have one, sells for around $50) or Cloud service (free). iLok is very easy to use, and if you need any assistance, we can answer most questions. Shipped software products are the Ensoniq Tools line and Millennium.

All other products - Sound, Hardware, and Information - are shipped.

The below information only applies to Shipped Software Products as listed above.

Physical Product, but Download Is Available
All software products are Chicken System products are physical products; however, you can download a temporary build that you can use shortly (within hours) after ordering. It is fully functional but it expires by the time you get the packaged product. It's the best of both worlds; great for convenience and eliminates the need for overnight shipping. But the CD/DVD is mandatory, it's the way the product is currently distributed, enables the copy-protection, and (best for you) it enables installation/reinstallation on any and every computer you use it on without any assistance from us or anyone else. You become the true owner of your program.

If you are concerned about the extra cost, consider that if we adapted our programs to be distributed only by download, that technological cost would be passed onto you anyway and you'd pay about the same amount anyway. Think of it as cost of distribution. And also, in cases of international shipping, we only put the declared cost as $10 on the custom forms, so taxes/duties are minimal.

We expedite these manually, so please allow an hour or so for your download link to arrive. This may be longer if you order on a weekend, holiday or evenings or in the middle of the night.

What If I Don't Have A CD/DVD Drive?
There are some options. One is to just get a USB external - they are very inexpensive and come in handy (we are musicians, after all). You can also make an image of the CD on a computer that does have an internal optical drive, then move the image to your non-optical computer and mount it. Remember the CD/DVD is only needed on authorization.

We understand that CD/DVD's are on the "outs", and our vendors have addressed this via iLok licensing. The Shipped Software Products are older softwares that cannot be supported via iLok, which is why they are still shipped and work under the older system.