Akai CD3000i Rack Sampler (non-working CD player)

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Akai CD3000i with SCSI 32mb memory and brand new BRILLIANT gorgeous display (see pictures).

Vintage Sampler in the S3000 class, sounds awesome. Nothing wrong with it except the CD player is not working. SCSI is fully working though.

We are selling 3 of these units; 2 have working CD players, the other doesn't (this one). All have the cool displays and all are in excellent condition and work perfectly.

Comes with 6 Akai Factory CD's and Chicken Systems Translator 7 Akai Edition (authorized copy, we're the authors), allows you to convert any format into CD3000i format, burn your own CD's.

This is a great deal for a vintage sampler.

From the Internet:

The Akai CD3000 was the first and only sampler to include a built in CDROM drive. Not only can it load sounds from CDROM in a variety of formats, it can also sample directly from audio CDs entirely in the digital domain. The CD3000 is another proud edition to the entire Akai S3000 series workhorses.

The CD3000 features 16 bit linear sampling at 44.1kHz and 22.05kHz. A maximum of 16meg of memory can be fitted, although the unit can be modified to accept 32meg. The unit has 32 voices of polyphony with a maximum of 255 samples and 254 programs.

The filters are digital 12db/oct low pass with resonance, and although the filter slope is not as steep as I'd like, the sonic benefit of resonance is worth the tradeoff. The CD3000 also has two multistage envelope generators, two LFOs, and a variety of modulation options. The effects, while limited, are of high quality and include chorus, delays, flangers, and other time-based effects.

The large 320x240 backlit display and eight soft buttons makes editing a breeze. Also available for data entry is a numeric keypad, cursor keys, and a rotary encoder. The CD3000 has a ten outputs consisting of a stereo pair and eight auxiliary outs.

The CD3000 model comes with SCSI standard, however other S3000 series options such as SMPTE, an internal hard drive, and AES and SPDIF digital I/O are not available.