Akai S3000XL Rack Sampler

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An Akai S3000XL two-space rack sampler. It has 32mb of RAM and SCSI. Backlight is good. Also has 8 outputs. Tested, works perfectly.

Comes with an optional Translator 7 Akai Edition.

From Vintage Synth Explorer:

The S-series samplers from Akai are most likely the best 16-bit samplers in the world. The most radical feature about these great samplers is that they are very synth-like. Aside from outstanding sampling specs such as 44.1kHz 16-bit stereo sampling with tons of RAM (8 to 32 MB) and extensive editing capability, the S3000 series have excellent synth-like filters with resonance, 32-voice polyphony, full digital onboard effects (delay, chorus, reverb, etc.) two LFOs, and complete MIDI implementation with MTC and SMPTE. Other bonus features include digital I/O, SCSI interface, multiple storage options and a great big LCD display screen.

The S3000XL has the same specs as the S3000. But it comes with most of the options already installed. That includes the built-in hard-disk recording option, added filters, SCSI interface, digital I/O, additional optional effects and a SMPTE reader/generator.

The S-series samplers are THE professional standard and are used by everybody in all styles of music, especially the sampling-intensive styles of music such as HipHop, Techno, Trance, House, Industrial and Ambient.