Chicken CD-ROM I

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Over 300mb worth of sounds - high-quality and all! These are the great sounds that have made Rubber Chicken famous. Reviewed in Keyboard magazine - 5 stars! All great sounds - all programmed - no filler - highly recommended.


  • JD-800 Chicken
  • Morpheus Chicken
  • Microwave Chicken
  • Introductory Pak
  • Synth Bass Pak
  • Ultimate Organ Libary
  • Ultimate Pipe Organ Library
  • Korg O1/W Series
  • Vintage Key's I and II
  • Plus Pak
  • "SD meets ASR"/"VFX meets EPS"
  • Renaissance/Medieval Collection
  • Country Set
  • PIANO! Pak (1/2)
  • Original Chicken excerpts
  • UA Series excerpts

Available on Ensoniq Original EPS, EPS 16-PLUS/ASR-10 and ASR-X format. Please specify your preference in the Comments section upon checking out.

Note on Original EPS compatibility: even though this CD was mostly authored on the 16-PLUS (else the ASR-10), there is little reliance on the effects or the BOOST parameter. Thus most of the sounds will play back with the same play-ability as the 16-PLUS/ASR. There may be a couple exceptions, but nothing that a bit of tweaking can't help.

View the manual here.

For a sound list, please click here.