Country Set

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People pleaded for a Pedal Steel guitar sample. Day after day we we heard this request, turned it down because we felt it was too hard. Finally we gave in.

We have the best Pedal Steel available for the EPS/ASR, along with a great Banjo, a Mandolin complete with tremolando, a real versatile Jaw-Harp, and an incredibly bluesy Harmonica that has dozens for fancy great lick underneath it.

These sounds will really give your music a country feel.

Comes in various sampler formats: EPS, EPS 16-Plus, ASR-10, and ASR-X. This set is distributed on floppy: 4 DS/HD (ASR's), 7 DS/DD (EPS). They are not available via download, but they can be written to the media of your choice. Please inquire with us about pricing.