External SCSI2SD v6.0 Drive

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This is the new era of SCSI-capable solid-state Memory Card solutions for your hardware sampler. These are the high-quality and capacity SCSI2SD Version 6.0 boards within a handy ultra-small case with an external DB25 jack. They use a regular-sized SD card, and most samplers do not require power. (If they do, simply use a cellphone battery hooked into the included USB port.)

The wonderful aspect of the SCSI2SD v6.0 Drives is the ability to access up to SEVEN SCSI ID's; so it's really 7 drives in 1! This enables better use of at least a 8GB SD card - even 16GB - more efficient, faster access.

Our quality SCSI2SD v6.0 External Drive works with all Ensoniq samplers, and most Akai, Roland, Emu, Ensoniq, Kurzweil, Korg, and Peavey samplers.

Comes ready to plug-and play! Included:

  • External Case with SCSI2SD v6.0 board inside with DB25 female SCSI port
  • 16GB SD card, setup into 7 ID's of 2GB each, formatted for the sampler of your choice
  • SCSI Cable, for the DB25-DB25 select between 2ft, 3ft, or 6ft (2ft and 3ft have adapters on one side so it can be used as a 25-CEN50 cable too)
  • 4 rubber feet to optionally put on bottom
  • 1-year limited warranty

Please let us know which SCSI Cable you want, and how to format your 16GB SD card, in the section above when ordering.