Huge Display Kit

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Want a HUGE display for your Gotek Floppy Emulator? This huge 2.42 OLED works with all our Gotek models - however it's mount-ability highly depends on the sampler you have.

We include a cover/casing that enables you to simply cut a small hole (for the wiring) in your case, then drill the 4 holes to attach the cover/case that holds the OLED to your sampler.

Please see the following pictures for ideas where to put the display. Recommended samplers - which seem to allow plenty of room - are:

  • Korg DSS-1
  • Emu Emax I Keyboard
  • Emu Emax II Keyboard
  • Emu Emulator II
  • Ensoniq Mirage Keyboard
  • Ensoniq EPS Keyboard
  • Ensoniq EPS 16-PLUS Keyboard
  • Prophet 2000/2002 Keyboard

(Possibly more if we haven't thought of them.)

SKU includes:

  • 2.42 OLED White 4 Pin
  • Black frame with screws
  • 30cm 4-pin header wire
  • Written instructions with pictures