Internal SCSI2SD v6.0 Drive

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If you are using a proprietary-format sampler like Akai, Ensoniq, Roland, Emu, MPC, or other, you may want to consider the more current and available ZuluSCSI, which can do everything the SCSI2SD v6.0 can do and more.

SCSI2SD v6.0 Drives are compatible with most samplers. We particularly recommend this for samplers that computer-compliant file systems (e.g. Akai S5000, Emu E4 EOS 4.7, Ensoniq ASR-X, Yamaha Motif, Korg Triton) because you can hook the v6.0 up to a computer simultaneously and read and write each ID.

As an alternative, we recommend the ZuluSCSI Internal Drive which has the same amount of SCSI ID's and uses Images as their sources, but does not allow the board to be a card reader for your computer. Also, consider the Chicken RaSCSI Drive, which is a little more complex to operate but certainly has advantages.Ā 

This is the new era of SCSI-capable solid-state Memory Card solutions for your hardware sampler. This is the SCSI2SD Version 6.0 board, packaged for internal installation purposes, with a handy standard 3.5 tray, a 2ft 50-pin ribbon cable, a regular-sized SD card, and completely set up for your sampler/unit to your specifications from the factory.

The wonderful aspect of the SCSI2SD Drives is the ability to access up to seven SCSI ID's; so it's really 7 drives in 1! This enables better use of a 16GB SD card - more efficient, faster access.


The SCSI2SD v6.0 External Drive works with EVERY SINGLE SAMPLER we know of (which is all of them). All Ensoniq, Akai, Akai MPC, Roland, Emu, Ensoniq, Kurzweil, Korg, Peavey, Synclavier, Fairlight, Waveframe samplers. We don't provide a list because we haven't found a sampler it DOESN'T work on.

It also works on many/all non-sampler SCSI units, such as the Akai DPS16 and other SCSI-based hardware DAW's.

Comes ready to plug-and play! Included:

  • SCSI2SD v6.0 board mounted on a 3.5 tray, with a 2ft 50pin ribbon cable
  • 32GB or 16GB SD card, often set up into 7 ID's of various capacities each, formatted for the sampler of your choice
  • 1-year limited warranty

Please let us know how to format your SD card, in the section above when ordering.

If you have two samplers, you can share the SCSI2SD with them using our optional 2-way SCSI Switcher, which comes with two more SCSI cables along with the one that comes standard.