JD-800 Chicken

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5 DS/HD (ASR's), 10 DS/DD (EPS)

Do you like analog sound?

The JD-800 has led the synthesizer community with bringing the past into this modern age. The JD-800 is filled with real-time sliders for real-time programmability, and fat sound that you don't want to miss.

Of course, with our samples you still won't have 75 sliders on your EPS/ASR, but you still will have that fat sound, sampled in 16-bit, digital squeaky clean fashion. Sawtoothy basses, punchy horns, crystal bells, the works come here. Analog with all the digital sheen and effects you want.

At a price you can afford!

Comes in various sampler formats: EPS, EPS 16-Plus, ASR-10, and ASR-X. Select your version below.

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