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This is a great set of old instruments from the old days.

Barry Carson, one of the leading experts on early renaissance instruments and the sampling of them, has produced some unique sounds of the rebec, krumhorns, viols, lute, and others. Many others were done by Michel Riesse, of Decor Sonore, a famous French electro-acoustic sound firm.

Included are several different variations and sometimes a complimentery sequence on each disk, plus a manual that gives a background history on each instrument.

The main set is a 10 DS/HD set for the Ensoniq ASR-10 or the Ensoniq ASR-X.  For the Ensoniq Original EPS and 16-PLUS, there are 3 sets of 5 DS/DD disks each.

They are not available via download, but they can be written to the media of your choice. Please inquire with us about pricing.

If you would like another non-Ensoniq format, let us know and we'll convert it for you, and are available via download.