Rez Madness

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5 DS/HD (ASR's), 10 DS/DD (EPS)

The warm, smooth, (perhaps cheap) sound of analog synthesis is back, and Resonant Madness can cure your taste for quality analog sounds.

Sampled and meticulously programmed by independent developer James Newman of New Man Studios, these sounds fit great in a mix, or even up-front soloing.

You can layer these with sounds to add a warm edge, or place them in and out of transitions. The sounds are composed of resonant-type, and sawtooth waveforms.

For you who want more, the Resonant Madness Plus set adds 5 large memory sounds to the set.

Comes in two sampler formats: ASR-10, and ASR-X. Select your platform below.

Or, you can have us put this floppy set (and all others in your order) onto ZipDisk, please see this SKU to add this service to your order.