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424mb of synths, electric and acoustic guitars, rhythm and dance loops, Em-u SP-12, Roland TR-505- 707-727-909, Akai XD-5, Akai XR-10, Fairlight Series II and III, Rhodes Chroma, Alesis S-4, Roland JV-80, KorgT-1, and more! From 3-D Sounds.

Compared to the SampleBank CD, this offering has less sounds but they are larger in memory size - yet still can load into a fully-maxed 16-PLUS.

Available only on Ensoniq EPS/ASR-10 and ASR-X format. Please specify your preference in the Comments section of your order.

Note on Original EPS compatibility: even though this CD was authored on the 16-PLUS, there is little reliance on the effects or the BOOST parameter. Thus most of the sounds will play back with the same playability as the 16-PLUS/ASR. There may be a couple exceptions, but nothing that a bit of tweaking can't help.

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