SCSI Switchbox 2/3/4-Way with SCSI Cables

Regular price $24.95

This is a handy SCSI switchbox that allows you to connect two, three, or four different samplers to one SCSI drive, such as our ZuluSCSI or SCSI2SD External Drives, or Plug-In Drives or Minis. Hook up multiple samplers and switch between them.

A switchbox is desirable so each sampler (a 'initiator' in a SCSI chain) is isolated from each other. Turning the large front knob selects the sampler hooked into the back. No rebooting of the samplers is necessary.

If you include cables with your order, please indicate in the Comments section on checkout which SCSI cables (which ends, e.g. CEN50-DB25; we have CEN50, MDB50, and DB25) you want, and for each, whether you want ~3ft or ~6ft.

These switchboxes may not look like the one pictured, but they are very similar and do the exact same thing. All units have a 1-year warranty.