SD Meets ASR / VFX meets EPS

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One of our best sellers, the "SD meets ASR" or "VFX meets EPS" series of disks is among the best sampling and programming of EPS/ASR samples available today. Sampled from the great sounding Ensoniq VFX and SD line, these sounds reflect most of modern music's prowess and technology.

Included are beautiful pads, handsome strings, solid digital electric pianos, crafty percussive lead sounds, and powerful electric bass and pedal sounds. And we didn't stop with the sounds. We programmed each patch select carefully, using our personal creativity to enlighten the textures in different ways. Each set comes complete with manual that describes each sound and goes into detail on what each patch select does. You can't go wrong with these!

Comes in various sampler formats: ASR-10, but also EPS, EPS 16-Plus, and ASR-X. This set is distributed on floppy: 5 DS/HD (ASR's), 10 DS/DD (EPS). They are not available via download, but they can be written to the media of your choice. Please inquire with us about media pricing.