Ten-Tone Temperament Disks (ASR-10)

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The Ten-Ton Equal Temperament Set is ten disks of quality ten-tone samples intricately programmed by Bill Sethares, author of the famed Recycle Orchestra, and many fine ethnic samples available on CD-ROM II.

Sounds include guitar, Rickenbacker bass, synthetic violin, real violin, synth pad, trumpet, oboe, organ, recorders (alto and soprano), harpsichord, flute, and even a 1956 Telecaster! Let's go even further - pan flute, pipe organ, additive synth, synthetic textures, and even household items.

Set comes with a complete manual that not only describes the sounds, but gives you an entire overview of ten-tone equal temperament and how to use it effectively. Bill Sethares is an acknowledged expert in the field.