Translator 7 Upgrade

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Translator 7 is the new 64-bit, iLok protected, modern version of this classic program. This SKU is for ALL registered owners of Translator  - Pro and Special Edition. Possession of license is checked manually after you order.


The Upgrade gives you Version 7.0; Version 7.1 as of this writing is a couple weeks from release and will be available for free to v7.0 owners. Everyone will be notified upon released.

This does NOT include Hi-Tech Edition. Contact Chicken Systems for special information.

If you purchased your product before 2015 and have trouble logging into SamplerZone to place your order, please send an email to Customer Service and they'll reestablish your account via an invite via email. DO NOT create a new account.

If your purchased your product before 2009, and have trouble logging into SamplerZone, it is likely there is no active account for you. Create a new account, or contact Customer Service to be sure.

You will receive an activation code within an hour or two - rarely as much as 24 hours - after your purchase - please be patient as we procure them manually.

In the meantime, please go to, create a free account, and download the iLok License Manager. Further instructions will come with your Activation Code. You do not have to have a physical iLok dongle to authorize Translator 7, but it is recommended.

What About Your Current License FAQ

  • It will still be valid, you can still run the older 32-bit app. You may need it for running on older operating systems (Mac: anything under 10.11 - Win: XP). It will never support proprietary floppy disks.
  • If you are working with proprietary disks with Translator, Constructor, Instrument Manager, or SamplerTools, you need to use the 32-bit app still. Inclusion of this feature will appear shortly.
  • The 32-bit apps will continue to be supported. Bug fixes will occur and perhaps a feature or two, but the new 64-bit versions will contain all new features and new formats.

A note about Translator 6: it will have the upcoming Akai S9x, Roland S5x, and Emu Emax support.

Please email Chicken Systems at for any additional details or questions.