Gotek Extended Floppy Emulator

Regular price $59.95

Need a floppy drive replacement? This is THE UNIT you want - no moving parts, and all "floppies" are resident on an included mini-sized USB jump drive. No more floppies laying around, no more bad floppy disks.

Extended? This is one in our line of custom case Gotek's - includes a 34mm x 19mm display - 30% larger than the Gotek I 25mm x 10mm, and the Gotek II 25mm x 14mm. However, it is only available for samplers that have form factors taller than the normal 24mm height:

  • Ensoniq: Mirage, EPS, EPS 16-PLUS
  • Emu: Emax I, Emax II
  • Akai: S900
  • Sequential Circuits: Prophet 2000/2002
  • Korg: DSM-1, DSS-1

The Gotek Extended comes set up for your sampler and includes some blank images plus some images with sounds on them so you can try things out immediately. Operating systems are written onto the floppies whenever available.

If you want the Huge Display option, you can select the Without Display option to save $10, and the 1.3mm display will be replaced with a plastic cover.

Includes the rotary encoder standard.

Imaging Service: If you have floppy disks you'd like to image, and you don't have a non-USB floppy drive on your PC, you can contact us privately ( and we can image the floppies that you have for nominal fee cost and put them on the USB jump drive for you.