Gotek II Floppy Emulator

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Note: This is almost the same as the Gotek I, except for the following changes: better micro-controller, 24mm x 14mm 128x64 OLED and Rotary Encoder installed at the manufacturing house as standard.

Note: If you have a Akai S900 (not 950), Ensoniq Mirage, Emu Emax I/II, Korg DSS-1/DSM-1, or Prophet S2000/20002, your best option is the Gotek Extended (see SKU) because those samplers have higher bezels and can accommodate an even better, larger display.  The Gotek Extended has the Gotek II electronics on it, so there's no downside. Please consider purchasing that instead.

Need a floppy drive replacement? This is THE UNIT you want - no moving parts, and all "floppies" are resident on an included mini-sized 16GB USB jump drive. No more floppies laying around, no more bad floppy disks. The unit comes set up for your sampler/host.

Imaging Service: If you have floppies you'd like to convert into image files, and you don't have a non-USB floppy drive on your PC, you can contact us privately ( and we can image the floppies that you have for a realistic cost and put them on the USB jump drive for you.

Includes a 24mm x 14mm 128x64 OLED digital display and Rotary Encoder as standard equipment.

Emulator II: Comes with 5.25 tray and replacement floppy cable!

Prophet 2000/2002: Comes with floppy power cord extension, longer output board cable, and upper lip addition, so there is no hole above the drive.

Roland S10: Comes with 10pin QuickDisk->Gotek 34pin/power adapter.

Akai S612: Comes with 10pin QuickDisk->Gotek 34pin/power adapter. Also a 10-pin terminal block - please be aware this requires desoldering of the 10pin cable to the QuickDisk drive and attachment to this terminal block.

Say good-bye to your mechanical floppy drive and floppy disks and say hello to the new solid state drive will all your floppies on a drive the size of your finger tip!