Ensoniq ASR-X Tools

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All Purpose Editor for the ASR-X.

Sound and Parameter Editing Software for the Ensoniq ASR-X, for Windows
The ASR-X was Ensoniq's last sampler, and we've got THE editing program for it! Ensoniq ASR-X Tools™ provides editing for any aspect of an ASR-X sound.

The ASR-X is very limited when it comes to sound-editing, at least from the front panel. For full editing, there is Ensoniq ASR-X Tools™ - it enables you to edit your sounds direct to disk, or via system-exclusive commands.

Build your own sounds from scratch, and even translate EPS or ASR-10 sounds into native ASR-X format. Extensive hard drive utilties will be available too - translate your whole EPS/ASR-10 hard drive in one stroke! You can even translate entire Ensoniq EPS/ASR-10 CD-ROM's with one single click.

The ASR-X is not complete without an editor - Ensoniq ASR-X Tools™ is that editor!

Note: This product is Windows only. A rewritten version for Mac and Windows, version 2,.0, is currently being developed.

Like other "Chicken" products, Ensoniq ASR-X Tools™ is a physical product and must be sent physically. However, shortly after purchase you may download a temporary build that is fully functional and operates until the CD/DVD arrives. You will receive a link via email shortly after purchase. Click here for more info, including other purchase information.