Parallel Effects Disk

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For Ensoniq EPS 16-Plus and ASR-10/88

This disk contains 16 algorithms which load into an EPS or ASR and redefine what the signal processing chip can do. Each algorithm contains four parallel sub-effects. Each sub-effect can process a different (mono) input with a PARALLEL effect. So it's possible to (for example) use a long reverb on a snare, a short reverb on the high-hat, a flanger on the bass and a chorus/delay on the electric piano - all at the same time.

Each of the four effects has a stereo output with adjustable pan and level. Each sub-effect is one of three basic algorithms:

  • REV: a dense reverb with Variable room- size, adjustable from a short ambience to a large hall
  • CHO: a versatile stereo-delay with LFO modulation which can produce chorusing, flanging, and ping-pong delay
  • DIS: a guitar effects-chain with a resonant filter, distortion, speaker simulator, and a stereo delay.


Also on the disk: THE TIME-DICER
It's a pitch-shifter plus reverb, that can do time- stretching as well as dynamic pitch-shifting. A key feature is the adjustable time-window, which allows you to control the length of the audio slices that it uses.