Rez Filter

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For Ensoniq EPS 16-Plus and ASR-10/88

The REZ FILTER algorithm re-creates an analog synthesizer - inside the effects processor. A four-pole low-pass resonant filter is coupled to a lightning-fast ADSR envelope generator. The filter's resonance control gives it that distinctive analog sound by creating a sharp peak in the frequency response. This peak can be swept up or down on each note using the envelope-or controlled by the keyboard or velocity or any modulation source. It does things you cannot do by sampling an analog synth.

The disk comes with a sound called REZ MINIMOOG which shows some ways to use REZ FILTER. But the effect is not limit to imitations of the past. Full instructions are included; you'll quickly be transforming you entire library of clean digital samples into strange and wonderful new sounds.

Other features:

  • chorus and reverb at the same time
  • single or multi-trigger modes on the envelope generator
  • a sample-and-hold function can randomly jump the filter around for that classic ARP sound

 This disk also includes FM+FX. This algorithm uses software inside the effects processor to synthesize one voice of live frequency modulation. Again, an example sound is included that sounds terribly much like the DX-7. But the DX-7 used only sine waves-you can go further. This algorithm allows you to modulate any sound with any other sound! Like REZ FILTER, FM+FX includes chorus and reverb which can be added to the FM output or used for other sounds on BUS2.