ZuluSCSI v6.4 - for - ZuluSCSI (regular) Exchange

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ZuluSCSI v6.4 is the best solution for computer-compliant file-system hosts (Akai S5000-series,Emu E4 EOS 4.7, Kurzweil K2x, Ensoniq ASR-X, Yamaha Motif/RS7000, others). It's fast, functions as a seamless computer card reader via USB, and as that card reader, supports up to 7 (sometimes more!) mountable drives/ID's.

But perhaps you already have a ZuluSCSI (regular) unit. After all, thousands have been sold.

So we are offering an exchange program. Get a ZuluSCSI v6.4 in exchange for your regular ZuluSCSI for a discounted rate! Not only that, it'll include a fresh SD card with complimentary sounds on it. And, we can transfer SCSI2SD SD card data for you - just include your SD cards.

We also request that when you place the Exchange order, you ship out your SCSI2SD within the next 1 to 2 business days. If you are not able to ship immediately, we ask that you either not place the order, or if you already have, contact us to cancel your order. This Exchange Offer is not meant to be open ended.


  • Make purchase.
  • Send us your ZuluSCSI board (and any SD cards) to our Spring Hill TN address. Do not return any wall chargers, USB cables, adapters, or SCSI cables.
  • The ZuluSCSI board must be in working order, especially the USB port.
  • We are not responsible for your shipping or risk.
  • When we receive it, we will immediately notify you and ask any questions necessary (hopefully not)
  • We will ship out within 48 hours of receipt of your ZuluSCSI.

ZuluSCSI v6.4 Details

This is the ZuluSCSI v6.4 board, almost functionally identical to the SCSI2SD v6.0 board. What makes ZuluSCSI v6.4 special is that it has the ability to access up to seven SCSI ID's; so it's really (7) drives in ONE UNIT! This enables better use of the images on the SD card - more efficient, faster access.

The ZuluSCSI v6.4 is not image-based like the other ZuluSCSI models. It works just like the SCSI2SD paradigm, especially the v6.0 methods. It access data directly off the SD card (not via images), set up via a configuration utility you run on a computer. Also, and better yet, it functions as a Super SD Card Reader for a computer, so you can access the SD card from the computer AND the SCSI host at the same time. Each SCSI ID shows up as a separate volume/drive letter on the computer. This way, there's no need to shuttle the SD card to the computer to access it for editing and change.

The quality ZuluSCSI v6.4 Internal Drive works with every host we know of; however, we only recommend computer-compliant sampler/hosts (otherwise, it's best to use the regulator ZuluSCSI). "Computer-compliant" means hosts that use file-system that are readable via the computer - usually FAT16 or FAT32.